Out of My League and Out of My Mind

Makeup Skills

Originally growing up I was never taught anything about makeup, nothing whatsoever. So now in college I’ve been having to teach myself through online tutorials how to do my own makeup. A few of my friends have been nice enough to help me out with makeup as well. Lately it’s been greeting easier to do and I can do it in less time now. Although I have this feeling that I don’t look all that great or I look horrible and people are just saying I look good; but when I look in the mirror all I can think is, “Damn I look good.” So even if other people think I look bad I don’t care I think I look great and pretty damn sexy.

This is basically me standing in front of the mirror after I put my make up on.

This is basically me standing in front of the mirror after I put my make up on.

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Lately I’ve been growing my hair out. I like it longer, it’s nice and makes me happy. Although people have apparently started to feel like it’s okay to make inappropriate comments about, or harass me for my hair. Not surprisingly most of this is coming from my family members. My family, especially my parents, always feels that it’s okay to constantly harass me and put me down when I do something that makes me happy that I don’t like. I just want them to leave me alone, it’s my hair, my body, and my life.

A Girly Relay

A few days ago I once again participated in Relay for Life. It’s lots of fun and all the money goes to a good cause making it even better. This year though I attended it as a girl. I put on my poorly homemade fake boobs, and did my best makeup magic to come to the relay as a girl. I also brought my Slenderman costume to dress up in and scare people later in the day with. I got to work the booth with my wonderful and loving girlfriend. She even bought me food so I wouldn’t starve at the relay. I repaid her with hugs and kisses, although I got a lot of my lip gloss on her face. She did have some small issues with me as a girl, but she still loved me and that meant the world to me. Later on though she made fun of my fake boobs which oddly made me feel kind of bad. I know they aren’t the best because they aren’t professionally made and I do like it when people are truthful with me. If I look bad I like people to let me know so I can try and fix things, it’s also nice when people find out how to be nice about things like that. In the end I had a great and girly time at Relay for Life and I loved the time I spent with my girlfriend there. I would love to do that again.


Lately the past few days I’ve been feeling crappy and depressed. I’ve been thinking why that is and trying to find an answer. I probably found the answer I was looking for. I’m gonna go back and see my consoler again to try and sort the issues out. Hopefully things go well, nothing is guaranteed though.

“Destroy all your mirrors and the false images of yourself they reflect; as well as the many monsters hiding inside them.”
— Conbot2
“A program run by only zeros and ones sends a command to a monitor. The monitor follows the command to tell each and every pixel what color to be at what time. These colors form shapes and images on your screen. Right now these colors are forming various characters right in front of your face. Your eyes then take the images of these characters and sends them to your brain. Your brain then deciphers these characters into words; each with their own meaning. Your brain remembers the meaning given behind each word and strings them together to form a message in your mind. This message is now playing aloud in your head, and some of you are even speaking it aloud. For the few who know the sound of my voice the message in their head may even be read aloud in my very tone and pitch that I speak with everyday. Just a little something to think about for later to distract yourself with.”
— Conbot2




Even if Billy would have wanted to be a boy it’s not like he would have had the choice anyway

Ummm, I’m sorry I just started shipping Billy and Peter because they are both too cute! I mean what if they just like went off to the playground or something to hang out after this and were talking and having fun then they just hold hands as the sun sets! So adorable!

This little story is too cute to handle

Well I’m back but with a reblog this time. I chose this comic in particular because it kind of reminds me of myself. As a small child I often enjoyed girly things and took part in lots of things that are supposedly not for males. At first my parents where fine with it, but after a few years I don’t know what changed their behavior. They started to crack down harder on me telling me I could only do boy things and constantly kept trying to stop me from being me at every twist and turn. Did I even want to be a boy, I don’t even know, I really wasn’t given a choice. I wish more parents would be like Peter’s parents and just let their kid be happy with who they are. The comic was nice, well draw, relatable, and cute. I especially adored the added section at the end where they become good friends on the playground.

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The Mirror

    You wake up in the morning covered in a cold sweat. It seems that you have had an awful dream, although you have no time to worry about that now. Looking over at your clock you see that you will be late for work if you don’t hurry. Heading to your bathroom in hopes of grabbing a quick shower you feel compelled to stop and look into the mirror.

    How odd though, you’ve seen yourself many times before so why do you feel compelled to stare upon yourself once more? Something feels off though, you can’t seem to place what it is. You continue to stare into the glass only to see a reflective metallic surface that takes the light you give off and bounces back into your eyes so that you may perceive yourself as you are now. As you see this image in your mind you wonder, is that really you right now? The image seems to move as you do and mimic every gesture that you make, but for some unexplained reason you feel as if it is not you.

    How long have you been staring at this person who gives you such and uneasy feeling; has it been seconds, minutes, hours, or even days, you do not know the answer yourself. This thought doesn’t stop you though as you continue to stare into the visage of this creature who is in every way like you, but is not you at all. You reach out your hand to try and touch them to validate whether or not they are real, but your hand slips through the mirror. It seems as if the mirror is made out of some sort of viscous fluid; compelled by nothing more than the human condition to explore the unknown you plunge your hand further into the mirror.

    On the other side of it you feel something so you wrap your hand around it and pull. You pull and pull and pull until you are past the frame and are now on the other side. As you get up to look around you see nothing but darkness; the world now only consists of a never ending void. Upon turning around you see the only other thing in this empty world other than you, it is the mirror. The mirror seems to be supported by no other structure it’s just there as it has always been. Looking past the mirror you see something, it is your bathroom and you are standing there as well.

    How can that be, you inquire yourself, I’m right here aren’t I? The image of you on the other side of the mirror turns it’s face upwards to reveal eyes completely devoid of any color or characteristics. They seem to be smiling, no that is not a smile. That foul beast continues to stare at your with that dastardly and terrifying expression on it’s face. It picks up a nearby razor and you know what it wants; therefore you cry and plead banging on the mirror hoping to stop the beast in it’s endeavors, but it is a pointless action. The creature raises the blade to it’s throat, no to your throat, and digs hard into your flesh. You soon find it hard to breathe, or even speak, as blood trickles out of your mouth you look down to find that your throat has become a waterfall gushing out massive waves of blood. As you choke on your own blood you attempt to scream for help, but there is no one nearby to help you. With the last bits of your vision fading you fall to the floor cursing that monster for what it has done to you.

    Then all of a sudden you see a bright light; a warm feeling washes over you and you accept what lies beyond it. You wake up in the morning covered in a cold sweat. It seems that you have had an awful dream, although you have no time to worry about that now. Looking over at your clock you see that you will be late for work if you don’t hurry. Heading to your bathroom in hopes of grabbing a quick shower you feel compelled to stop and look into the mirror.

Thank You Nightvale Fandom

First off I’ve been listening to Welcome to Nightvale for a long while now. I came across it when it was first starting out and I never expected it to blow up like it did. I thoroughly enjoy it and always can’t wait for the next episode. The good things that the fandom has brought is that they help keep Nightvale going so we can all enjoy it. I also constantly come across a lot of cool and interesting fan art. Finally all the weird stuff I say now has a place. If I write down anything weird, odd, or surreal now it has a home in the Nightvale fandom. Therefore thank you Nightvale fandom.